The Service department mainly performs the following activities:

Control card repair

This service is carried out on both national and international levels, on behalf of leading companies operating in the sectors of static energy conversion, shipbuilding, and fuel distribution. In this last sector, in particular, the service is performed throughout Italy with a turnover of roughly 500 devices per month and a client portfolio of over 100 units.

Functional testing for third parties

Completing and complementing the company’s design services, its experience accrued in creating complex equipment and apparatuses makes it possible for EsiWelma to offer its support in planning and executing functional testing for third parties on in-house or outside productions, or on site on behalf of its clients, using already existing testing grounds or developing specially-designed solutions for carrying out the tests.

Maintenance contracts, helpline services, and on-call repair services

In this field, the company works in a variety of sectors, insofar as maintenance and assistance may concern both EsiWelma branded products and electronic devices and systems in general. The purpose of this service is to support the client throughout a product’s lifespan and provide specialized assistance, authorizing outsourcing for activities unrelated to the company’s core business.

Equipment and system activation

When a supply involves complex solutions and/or products used in plants and processes, its production is normally completed with the assistance of specialized EsiWelma personnel at the plant’s first activation, in order to guarantee the combined product and plant’s best possible performance.

Training courses

Depending on the complexity and/or importance of the functions they perform, equipment and systems specially designed for the activities of process control, security surveillance, building management, etc. may require preparation of the personnel employed by the client/user for their use. EsiWelma is set up to carry out personnel training through specific courses with specially designed materials and audio/visual supports that allow these courses to be performed at the client’s location or in the company’s own classrooms.