Confirming its international vocation, in June 2019 EsiWelma has joined Navim Group, a multinational group that includes ten companies in six countries (Italy, Belgium, China, Croatia, Singapore, USA)

EsiWelma srl was established in 2004 following the merger of E.S.I. Elettronica Sistemi Industriali Srl (1979) and Elettronica Welma Srl (1980), two companies that recognized their mutual complementarity as an opportunity to join forces and combine their experience to meet the new challenges of an increasingly competitive, dynamic market, in which speed and quality are no longer incompatible.

E.S.I. directed its work at the product and plant sector, offering itself as a designer and manufacturer of its own electronic equipment solutions for OEM clients and of solutions created following client specifications, paying particular attention to the aspects of documentation, logistics, regulations, and certification tied to the creation and distribution of electronic products. The company always proposed itself to its clients as a problem solver, developing in full all the necessary stages for providing a finished product, ready for distribution, and only relying on the collaboration of qualified outside partners for assembling its control cards.

Welma established itself on the market as a manufacturer of electronic control cards and apparatuses, specializing in the vehicle fuel distribution sector and offering a range of services from simple production jobs for third parties to complete production procedures, comprising selecting and finding components, designing control card hardware and software, and performing production and functional testing on the same, which at times involved creating special testing grounds. In this way, Welma offered its clients the opportunity to produce their own electronic applications using a level of outsourcing ideally shaped to their individual needs.

The merge of these two entities has allowed EsiWelma to become a company capable of creating its own private label products and supplying both national and international markets, as well as an ideal partner for all industries faced with the necessity of creating electronic products.