Confirming its international vocation, in June 2019 EsiWelma has joined Navim Group, a multinational group that includes ten companies in six countries (Italy, Belgium, China, Croatia, Singapore, USA)

Since 1979, EsiWelma has been an active player on the civil, industrial, and military electronics market as a designer, manufacturer, and technician of equipment and systems across a variety of application sectors, including:

  • OIL & GAS
  • HVAC

Its extensive, diversified, technical product experience and its knowledge of plant application processes make it possible for EsiWelma to present itself as the IDEAL PARTNER both as an OEM supplier and as a creator of custom-designed equipment and systems for its clients.

EsiWelma believes that the quality and prestige of its clients, combined with the long-lasting stability and endurance of its business relationships, serve as guarantees of the company’s skill and reliability.