Assembly & Testing

Thanks to its staff and equipment EsiWelma can produce electronic cards both for serial productions and prototypes, as well as samples in THT (Through Hole Technology) and wave soldering, but also in SMT (Surface Mount Technology) and welding in infrared oven or their combination. The welding processes comply with RoHS Directive 200/95/CE for all the productions that are subject to it.

Depending on the characteristics of the supply, of the components and of the products, the assembly of the components can be done whether in manual or automatic mode. In case of automatic assembly, a silk-screen printing process for the setting of glue dot and “pick and place” machines for the positioning of components are used.

The production process is supported by the testing phases: depending on the complexity of the product and on the quantities required, tests can be automatic or manual.

Automatic tests follow ICT (In Circuit, Test), Flying-probe or BON (Bed Of Nails) techniques, while manual tests are based on optical inspection and functional testing on dedicated test benches.

In order to deliver an end and tested product, EsiWelma (when required) completes the production by assembling the electronics in housings, in chassis or in electrical cabinets, including the electromechanical wiring (if needed) to give the finished and tested product.

EsiWelma can offer its technological know-how in several industrial sectors for the production of electronic cards and equipment:

  • Building automation
  • Home Automation
  • Safety and Security
  • Indutrial automation
  • Defense and military applications
  • Sensor and instrumentation
  • Trasports
  • Automotive
  • Naval
  • Power
  • Medical and dental applications