ESN.0… – Wall-mounted combustible gas detectors

Wall-mounted, household combustible gas detector, EN 50194-compliant (Type A apparatus) with LED visual alarms (power supply, failure, gas alarm), audible alarm (integrated buzzer), direct command for Sensigas 12Vdc valve NO (normally open – engage disengage) and auxiliary relay command output.

Replaceable sensor module.

In self-extinguishing plastic enclosure.

Command outputs:

  • one for Sensigas solenoid valve
  • one, 230 Vac 10A SPDT auxiliary relay

Power supply: See models

Methane gas detector

ESN.0.G.A Power supply 230 Vac
ESN.0.G.A.D Power supply 12 Vac/dc
ESN.0.G.A.E Power supply 12÷24 Vac/dc

LPG gas detector

ESN.0.P.A Power supply 230 Vac
ESN.0.P.A.D Power supply 12 Vac/dc
ESN.0.P.A.E Power supply 12÷24 Vac/dc


Canister for Gas Test
This contains controlled composition gas to test gas detectors, complete with a dosing valve to release the established quantity.
Compliant with Italian Presidential Decree No. 741 of 21/07/82 (Directive CEI 324 of 1975)


Replacement sensor module for METHANE Gas


Replacement sensor module for METHANE Gas